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The Israeli State Association Matnasim, association of community centers in Israel, was looking for private donors to participate in the financing of the playground of the gan of Ofakim.

Ofakim is a poor city located in the center west of Israel. The children welcomed in this gan come from families with limited resources. In May 2008, we met the wonderful educational team that supervises this group of 61 children from 3 months to 3 years old. They integrate an innovative and global approach into the pedagogy that respects the child, makes him participate in the pedagogy as well as his family. Thus, beyond the children, this place is a way to integrate families into a community by creating links. We also fell in love with this place and the children of whom we have brought you some photos.

In July 2009, thanks to your donations, we allowed the Gan to build a new playground, to current safety standards.

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