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Hassadna Conservatory of Music

Founded in 1973 by pianist and musician Amalia Reuel, the Hassadna Conservatory of Music in Jerusalem works with Israel's top music professionals to provide world-class music education to over 600 students aged 0-18 from all sectors of Israeli society.

Hassadna and 120w

We are proud to be supporting the action of Hassadna since 2009. This initiative was born from the encounter between Joseph Machiah and Ronit Berman.

Hassadna students, ensembles and orchestras compete in prestigious international competitions - and win them. Its graduates help fill the ranks of the IDF's Distinguished Musicians' Unit and are admitted to highly competitive music programs at elite conservatories and universities around the world.
At the same time, and without compromise, Hassadna is a socio-economic “laboratory of equality” in which music equalizes the rules of the game. Religious and secular; Jews, Christians and Muslims; boys and girls; new and established immigrants; the privileged and the disadvantaged; Extremely gifted students and those who play just for fun - Hassadna is the harmonious home they share in this fiercely divided city.
120w has made it possible to support disadvantaged students of Ethiopian origin in particular, allowing them to reveal unique talents by accessing the teaching excellence provided by Hassadna.
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