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Muzukidz is a South African organization that provides children with access to fewer resources the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through an intensive music program that allows children to have a dream, empowers them to believe in it and enables them to acquire the necessary skills to achieve it.

Muzukidz and 120w

We are proud to be supporting the action of Muzikidz since 2011. This initiative was born from the encounter between Joseph Machiah and Maria Botha in South Africa.

Muzikidz has already opened 3 bases (Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria) including a safe house for street orphans. The project gives young orphans access to string instruments, lessons and even the possibility of playing with a renowned orchestra. This experience is often the source of an identity revolution that makes it possible to overcome a childhood spent in a violent environment. Music simply offers “a chance to build a life”. The attraction of music is enormous, a real whiff of hope which can be summed up in the words of the director of the Mamelodi middle school: "Thanks to the Muzikidz musical program, these children (among the most disadvantaged in the country) come to school with a regularity, enthusiasm and volume that are unimaginable". To date, more than 500 children have benefited from this program. The association is also very proud to announce that it has started the training of the “first promotion of trainers”. Soon children from the slums will have the honor of teaching in what was once their survival ground.

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