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The first initiative of 120w was born during a trip to Israel of the members of the bureau, having led us, in 2006, to the city of Arad, at the limits of the Negev desert.

The mayor of Arad told us about his difficulties in financing his educational infrastructure. The next day, we visited the school and convinced of the importance of education, we decided to help him.



Computer room

In 2007 and 2008, thanks to a partnership with INSEAD (the famous MBA based in Fontainebleau) for the donation of used computers, we were able to equip the computer room of the Arad high school with 9 laptops. The principle is simple: recycle equipment that is no longer efficient enough for French companies but still good enough for high school students.

We would like to thank INSEAD very warmly for its donation, as well as the team of volunteers and friends who took care of the logistics of transporting the equipment.


Theatre room

ISR dec2006 jo - _419_.jpg
ISR dec2006 jo - _425_.jpg
ISR dec2006 jo - _422_.jpg
ISR dec2006 jo - _426_.jpg
ISR dec2006 jo - _428_.jpg

The second project was the refurbishment of a room dedicated to theater students.

At 120W, we believe that theatre, like music, is a fundamental discipline allowing young people to confront themselves and others in a very deep way, to take charge of themselves and ultimately become actors in their own lives.



study room

We inaugurated this room on May 31, 2007 in the presence of Moty Brill, mayor of Arad, and his team, the management of the school and especially the team of wonderful students to whom the school gave carte blanche to carry out the layout.
The warm and very moving welcome we received demonstrates the usefulness of this operation:

  • create a living space for the students of the only high school in Arad

  • to prevent them from finding themselves left to their own devices in the streets between classes

  • a place of rest, exchanges and studies, which this high school lacked

  • a project that also made it possible to unite the energies of the students and to empower them, through the autonomy they were given to carry it out

  • finally, the room is decorated with the artistic creations of the students themselves, and therefore also serves as an exhibition space.

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