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Ronit Berman, an accomplished flutist, serves as the Jerusalem Conservatory Hassadna’s Artistic Director.

At only 14 years old, she was accepted to studies at the most distinguished Conservatoire National Superieur in Paris with Prof. Alain Marion. Following graduation, she completed a second M.A. and an Artistic Diploma (with distinction) in Music from the Jerusalem Music Academy and the Hebrew University. In 2000, Berman was appointed principle flutist with the Israel Camerata Orchestra. Berman performed as a soloist with leading orchestras in Israel and in hundreds of concerts, recitals and festivals in Israel, Europe and the United States. Moreover she won prizes at international flute competitions in Israel, Poland and France.

Berman joined the Conservatory in 2000 as a flute teacher and was appointed Artistic Director in 2003. In her position she initiated and directed Hassadna’s Israel Contemporary Music Festival. The festival was regarded as one of Israel’s premier music festivals, which promotes and celebrates the creation of original contemporary Israeli music. Since 2004 she has been leading the From Risk to Opportunity Music Program for children of Ethiopian descent. FRTO is a unique education program in Israel that provides financial and personal comprehensive support throughout the entire music course of at risk children from the Ethiopian community and has significant impact on the Israeli's music community.

Karen-Michele Kimmett, a graduate of the University of Toronto, the Royal Conservatory of Music, and Ithaca College (Master of Music) has been teaching training programs in South Africa for over a decade, devoting her time and expertise to the development of Suzuki violin teaching in South Africa. Also a graduate of the University of Toronto with a Master's Degree in Performance from Ithaca College, Ms Kimmett joined the faculty of the Institut Suzuki in Lyon, France, and from 1990-2000 co-founded and directed the Institut Musical Suzuki Paris in Paris, France. In 1986, Ms. Kimmett studied with Dr. Suzuki in Matsumoto, Japan. A teacher trainer for both the SAA (Suzuki Association of the Americas and the ESA (European Suzuki Association), Ms Kimmett has taught workshops in numerous European countries well as in Morocco, Canada, the United States, St. Barthélemey and South Africa. An Honorary Member of the ESA, Ms. Kimmett is currently a member of the SAA Violin Committee and the Artistic Director of Canta Arya School for Strings in Kingston, Canada. This past March, Ms. Kimmett was a key note speaker at the Universality of Music Forum in Basel, Switzerland.

Betsie Meyer, founder of project at Kingdom Life (a private orphanage for non-South African children) which has had over eighty children involved in the string music program. As Betsie puts it so beautifully: Initially, I was very upset with the way music was presented to only the 'gifted' and 'talented' It was an 'elite' art. Therefore I decided to leave the whole music system and focus rather on psychology. I prefer to work with the so called non elite children. Just before I put my plan in action I heard about a Suzuki course that will be held nearby and I decided to attend this-out of curiosity. What an amazing method it tuned out to be. It enabled me to start working in Mamelodi (a township near Pretoria) and I spend 2004- 2008 there.

In 2009 I started my own project at an Orphanage (Kingdoms Life) in Atteridgeville (a township near Centurion where we live). I started with 10 violins and about 50 children. Joy, my daughter, started to work with me. Soon instruments from all over the world started to pour in. We went to Unisa's Music Foundation (Unisa ia an university) to ask for financial support and they are still actively involved. Whenever we needed something urgently, it was provided. The Suzuki community right over the world are also taking care of us. It is amazing. Things went so well that we could start another project -Leamogetswe Safety home, also an Orphanage. They concentrate on small children, and get a lot of babies that are left in dust bins. It is so delightful when these bin babies grow up and start to 'Twinkle’. We teach about 20 kids between the ages of 3 and 6 there.

We always have too many children to teach. But next year we will have 2 former children from Kingdoms Life that will start with their teacher training. Help is on its way. We still share violins-especially small ones and are sometimes desperate for strings and rosin. At the moment we are totally out of rosin -and yesterday I heard from a sponsor who will fund rosin and a few small violins. I will meet him today at the music shop.

Maria Botha, Violin teacher, is based in Cape Town and specializes in teaching beginner students from ages 4 and upwards. Her teaching method is primarily based on the famous Suzuki method combined with other methodology to suit each young pupil’s specific requirements and personality Having lived in France for more than 20 years, she speaks French, English and Afrikaans.

Botha grew up in Pretoria and studied violin with Alan Solomon and Denise Sutton, amongst others. In France she studied with Christophe Laudrette and went on to qualify as a Suzuki teacher under the personal guidance of Christophe Bossuat, president of the international Suzuki Music Institute based in Lyon, France.

On a personal level she is passionate about the growth of musical education in South Africa and, by using her experience in France and Europe, assists in teaching young learners as well as emerging violin teachers in South Africa. The training involved is aimed at providing teachers with basic tools, that enable them to teach children and build their characters through music vocabulary.

She also involves herself in child development skills through violin education. As this is a special approach, the musical training focuses very much on the human development and well-being of the child, while observing and respecting his or her own personal and musical growth. Apart from her private violin studio, she is also the Project Leader of the Masidlale Music Project, an outreach programme facilitated by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra.

Rika Gerryts, string teacher in the Davidton School system whose classes are frequently overflowing with the lessons being taught in the parking lot from the back of her car. Several students have graduated to the Arts school and have gone on to professional music studies.

Rika taught the violin at East Rand School of the Arts in Daveyton. She taught the piano for 18 years until music centers were closed down in 2003. While all music teachers could apply for music posts at specific schools in the townships, she decided that it would be better to teach the violin: “I knew it would be easier for learners to practice on a violin, as they obviously wouldn’t have piano’s at home.” So she started to learn how to play the violin.

Suzuki Teacher training helped a lot and the students enjoy their lessons. Rika started out with 9 full sized violins, supplied by the Department of Education. Through sponsorships and donations, the class reaches today nearly 50 students.

PS: All three teachers are dedicated in finding ways to finance and support these programs. In one instance, local dentists and doctors had baskets in their waiting rooms for those patients with means to donated dried fruit and biscuits. All this so that “the music students could also have healthy food for the tummy and artistic food for the soul”.

Sarah Gogel, Son travail en tant que Directrice générale et co-fondatrice de Global Potential, a parachevé son envie d’entreprendre pour redonner une voix aux jeunes du monde entier, avec un impact sur plus de 150 bénévoles et 500 jeunes sur 8 ans entre l’Amérique Central et l’Amérique du Nord, l'Afrique et la France. Sarah est dédiée à permettre à la génération Y d’imaginer son futur, d’exprimer son identité, et d’entreprendre au gré de ses envies, pour qu’elle prenne en main son destin et façonne le monde de demain!

Sarah a son doctorat en droit de la Northeastern University Law School à Boston, Sciences Po et Brandeis, spécialisée dans les droits de l'Homme et le développement durable. Elle a aussi une licence et un Master en travail social et sociologie de Harvard College et Wurzweiler School of Social Work. Elle a une expérience approfondie du travail avec des diverses populations à risque, en particulier avec les survivants de traumatismes, jeunes, personnes âgées et migrants.

Sarah a travaillé pendant 14 ans dans les domaines des droits du développement, du plaidoyer et les droits de l’Homme dans des organisations nationales et internationales – de L’Oréal Recherche en France à Physicians for Human Rights en Israël, à l’Institut International de New Jersey à la Fédération Internationale des Droits de l’Homme à Paris et le Haut Commissariat pour les Réfugiés à Calais. Originaire de Paris, Sarah parle le français, l’anglais, l’espagnol, l’hindi et l’ourdou.

Sarah a travaillé avec les populations multiethniques et multiculturelles en Inde, en Israël, au Nicaragua, en France et aux États-Unis. Elle est récipiente du Women in Public Service Fellowship (2012), Prix de la Fellowship Fondation d’Ariane de Rothschild (2011), de la bourse pour les innovateurs sociaux PresenTense (2011) et de la Fellowship YouthActionNet Global Youth International (2009) de la International Youth Foundation. Elle a été reconnue par le Boston Metro en tant que Boston « Hero of the Year » (2010).

Anastasia Thatcher est depuis 2011, est membre du Conseil d'Administration de board global de Global Potential basé à New York aux Etats-Unis. En septembre 2014, Anastasia devient la Présidente du board global de l'ONG. Elle est cadre supérieur à la direction globale d’Accenture Development Partnerships, qui assure des services conseils, sans but lucratif, à plus que 120 organisations de développement international dans 70 pays. Accenture Development Partnerships aide ses clients à créer un impact bénéfique dans les pays en développement dans les secteurs de l’éducation, la santé, la nutrition, l’agriculture, les services d’urgence, l’eau et l’énergie.

Anastasia est une experte en design et en stratégie des partenariats, ayant conduit des équipes de designers à mener plus de 20 initiatives multipartites pour répondre à la nutrition des enfants, construire des infrastructures communautaires, renforcer l’éducation sanitaire et l’accès aux médicaments et créer des moyens d’existence durables pour les mères célibataires. Ses travaux s’étendent sur plus d’une douzaine de pays y compris Haïti, la République dominicaine, le Guatemala, la Colombie, et le Venezuela. Elle accorde une importance primordiale au développement inclusif de la jeunesse et à l’éducation.

Reconnaissant les impacts positifs de son expérience dans le secteur de la solidarité internationale et l’éducation sur sa propre vie, elle s’engage à aider les jeunes femmes et hommes de sa communauté locale et globale à réaliser leurs projets. Elle est titulaire d’un B.A. en économie de l’université de Virginia et un M.B.A. de stratégie et commerce international de l’université de New York – Stern. Elle est actuellement candidate M.S. pour les affaires internationales à «The New School University ». Anastasia est également une passionnée des voyages, mécène des arts et une praticienne de yoga, vivant à Brooklyn.

Jean-Marc Liling, d'origine franco-suisse et diplômé de Sciences-po Paris (Service Public), de l'université Bar Ilan (Droit) et de l'Université hébraïque de Jérusalem (Droit public), et ayant fait des études religieuses juives dans différents cadres à Jérusalem, est avocat Israélien spécialisé dans les questions de droit d'asile et de migrations en Israël. Après avoir passé du temps au département "Conseil et législation" du Ministère israélien de la Justice et une période en tant que conseiller auprès du Ministre des affaires sociales et de la Diaspora Michael Melchior au sein du Bureau du Premier Ministre, Jean-Marc a travaillé en tant que conseiller juridique et officier de protection auprès du bureau israélien du Haut Commissariat aux Réfugiés des Nations Unies (UNHCR). Aujourd'hui, il est consultant auprès du Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) et actif auprès de différentes ONG israéliennes actives dans les domaines du social, de l'humanitaire et du culturel, notamment dans le monde de la danse contemporaine israélienne. Hiérosalémitain, il est actif auprès d'une liste indépendante - 'Yerushalmim' - élue au Conseil municipal de la ville de Jérusalem et oeuvre pour que la ville soit la capitale du peuple juif, une ville fière de son héritage historique et culturel autant qu'ouverte et pluraliste.

Les membres du bureau

Dinah Benhamou Emsalem est diplômée de l’Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris et de l’Executive MBA d’HEC Paris. Elle a débuté sa carrière chez Arthur Andersen (audit) pendant quatre ans, puis rejoint l’équipe du fonds d’investissement européen de LBO Argos Soditic. Elle participe durant 9 ans au développement du fonds et en devient associée. Elle y réalise notamment deux opérations importantes : la transmission de l’enseigne de mode enfantine Du Pareil Au Même ainsi que le premier LBO sur l’Eau Ecarlate.

En 2004, elle décide de réorienter son activité professionnelle vers des fonctions opérationnelles et rejoint l’équipe de restructuration du petit groupe de retail textile Comptoir Français de la Mode. Tout d’abord Directeur Financier, puis Directeur général Adjoint en charge de l’ensemble des fonctions support, elle assure le volet de réorganisation, réduction des coûts et restructuration financière et logistique de l’entreprise afin de permettre son redressement en 4 ans. Elle gère ensuite la liquidation d’une des filiales du groupe avant de le quitter en 2009.

Elle crée alors sa propre structure de conseil et développe un volant d’affaires varié autour du retail, des sociétés en difficultés, tour à tour conseil opérationnel, manager de transition ou conseil en M&A.

En 2012, elle rejoint le groupe leader européen du retail du luxe accessible SMCP (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot). Elle développe et structure pendant deux ans la marque Claudie Pierlot, et participera à divers projets transverses au groupe, avant de partir à New York afin de développer et gérer la filiale Nord Américaine du groupe. En dehors de ses activités strictement professionnelles, Dinah Benhamou Emsalem est membre de plusieurs comités d’investissements de fonds LBO, de comités stratégiques, et est trésorière de l’association 120w, active dans le développement de projets internationaux visant à l’éducation des enfants défavorisés.

Richard Rondoux started his career within the French law firm Jeantet. Richard was General Counsel of the international business school INSEAD from 2002 to 2011, and since then went back to private practice. Within the law firm BRG, Mr Rondoux and his team are in charge of Business litigation, Media,Telecoms & IT Law, Intellectual Property Law and Charity Law, with a significant focus in the academic world.

Richard assists and represents clients both in France and internationally for all legal queries connected to corporate and business affairs, and also in consultancy and litigation fields. His practice covers the full range of business and economic law matters as well as commercial disputes, intellectual property rights and IT law. He has broad experience in advising clients in complex cross-border international transaction and numerous areas of contracts matters in France, Asia, US and the Middle East. Richard serves a wide range of top-tier French and international companies. In addition, Richard Rondoux has experience on matters related to private foundations and their corporate governance, board responsibilities, compliance, fundraising and planned giving matters.

Richard Rondoux was the Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel of INSEAD, the multi-campus international graduate Business School. Richard provided counsel to the Board of Directors to support the legal needs of this international Institution. He managed the Department of Legal Affairs in France, Singapore, the US and the UAE which provides corporate and legal services to INSEAD and its affiliated companies. He supervised in-house lawyers and ensured that the business practices, policies and activities meet legal and regulatory local requirements. During 10 years, Richard has ensured that INSEAD was protected from any legal action and provided guidance in identifying the critical issues to which the application of legal principals yields the greatest opportunities for minimizing risks. Richard was member of the Senior Management Team and member of the Audit committee of INSEAD Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Centre. He has played a leading role to implement INSEAD in Abu Dhabi (UAE), the US and Israel.

Prior to joining INSEAD, Richard Rondoux worked in Paris office of the international law firm Jeantet & Associés. He was involved in major M&A transactions for French banks and international companies, including takeovers of listed and unlisted companies, acquisitions of minority interests and corporate restructurings. He advised clients on due diligence, acquisition structuring, contract drafting and legal support throughout implementation.

Richard has counseled clients on numerous areas of corporate matters, domestic and international legal issues. He also assisted clients in managing complex transactions and to execute their international development.

Richard Rondoux is graduate of the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas and he has a Master’s degree in Business and Economic Law. He has also a Master's degree in Company Administration and Management from the Institute of Business Administration, and he is an alumnus of INSEAD Business School with a Management Acceleration Programme.

Joseph Machiah is a consultant specializing in the development of human capital, in organization and finance, as well as a multi-faceted entrepreneur and management trainer. This range of activities mutually reinforce each other and have been contributing for the past 25 years to a solid operational know-how and original concepts. His passion is in the field of education and specially to create a system “l’ecole du future” based on sharing intelligence and responsibility. His professional playground is correlated: cultivating the talent of individuals and teams and using the result as a performance leverage tool for companies.

Joseph holds the presidency of an office of independent consultants for the past 17 years, (umbrella company, consulting, training and in- placement) which allows him to have a privileged vision of the evolution of salaried individuals and companies.

His experience has been built by missions and projects in the area of organization and finance, especially 7 years of consulting in financial operations regarding equity, partnership and global compensation. He was co-founder of a small venture capital company. Other achievements include finalizing a leveraged management buy out of a manufacturer of silicone wafers, the creation of an early business incubator for rapid growth companies, leading workshops for alumni of high-ranking universities, some themes being, “How to launch your own business”, “stock options”, “remuneration systems, employee stock options and stock ownership plans”. He learned about management while working in Sydney Australia, in an air and sea freight transport company. He went to Chicago, Illinois, USA for three years in the capacity of consultant in international business for high-tech companies. While working as a consultant at Deloitte, he accompanied teams in their missions for financial consolidation. He developed in France IT systems for the Finance Ministry, French regions and large companies.

His training that followed in 2002 in Coaching/Team Building with Vincent Lenhardt and his certification was an important turning point in his career. He could finally include the human element within his missions which were about operational efficiency in line which company’s strategy. He received an MBA from INSEAD in 1990. His earlier diploma was in Applied Computer Studies for the Management of Companies which he received at Paris Dauphine.

He published in 2010 a book dedicated to entrepreneurs and employees in career transition “Bien penser son entreprise et s’associer avec succès”. He has also been called on since 2010 by several Schools on the themes of “managing talent as an integral cog of a company’s strategy” for Masters and EMBA.

President of the Association 120W since 2005, he is strongly involved in the financing of educational projects for underprivileged children.

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